Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jane Fonda AM/PM Yoga


WHO CAN DO THIS: Anybody with a modicum of mobility, but it's aimed at beginners in "Prime Time." Over 50. (Like me.)

THE BREAKDOWN: I started working out in the 1980s with Jane Fonda (and Richard Simmons). When I look back at those early long, relentless, leg-warmered pain/gain workouts, I wonder how I had the 1) patience 2) stamina 3) time. But evidently I did.

We all get older, including Jane, who is (startlingly) 75-yearsold and looks amazing. Yeah, of course she’s had “work.” But well done work. No-pain, no-gain Jane has been replaced by a kinder, gentler Jane, although there’s remains an edge to her that says, “Yeah, I could still kick your ass, I’m just being nice.”

This DVD includes five ten to 15 minutes workouts, three for the morning, for energy and strength; and two for the evening, for mobility and relaxation.

The morning abs and back workout moves slowly and gently and includes crunches and leg lifts, bridges and such, all done on the floor. The energy workout includes some chair pose, some warrior two, some eagle hands, interspersed with lots of stretching. The strength segment uses light hand weights to work the upper body while the lower body gets a workout with bent-leg postures. The evening workouts are just gentle and stretchy and pleasant.

Jane’s workout buddies look good, too—and I love the blowups of Jane’s old workout video covers on the wall. I remember that Jane.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: If you’ve never exercised, you might work up a glow. I almost broke a sweat doing the strength segment with five-pound weights, but not really.

BUT IS IT FUN? It’s pleasant.

WHEN IT'S OVER: If you’re just starting out, brava!

GEAR AND APPAREL: Yoga mat and light hand weights.

FINAL WORD: A quality beginner's workout, especially if you're at that slowing-down age.

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