Monday, July 22, 2013

Jessica Smith and Peanut

My co-blogger Kritter turned me on to Jessica Smith, who is my new favorite fitness pro--and she has lots of great workouts available for streaming on YouTube. She's likable and low key, her workouts run from 10 minutes up, lots to mix and match, lots of variety and novelty, and Peanut, her dog.

Peanut is the star of this workout. Watch it, and then check out her others. Some of the workouts Kritter and I both like are Tank Top Arms, Barefoot Fusion Walk, Bikini Body Circuit. Lots and lots to choose from here. She also has some full-length stretches, which can be hard to come by. Haven't tried one yet but it's on my list.

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amyindallas said...

Thanks so much for turning me on to Jessica Smith. I've been working out with her regularly for several weeks now, and I adore her.