Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Product Review: Deo-Go

By Sophia

Not that I want everyone thinking about my armpits, but these are the sacrifices I make to serve you better.

I received a press release for a product called Deo-Go, which is supposed to remove deodorant stains from clothes. My husband and I refer to this as a T-shirt getting “pitted out.”

I requested a sample of Deo-Go to see if it could extend the life of my T-shirts/fitness wear. I can tolerate only so much pitting out, even if I’m just working out.

The challenge I presented this product was mighty-- two very old, very beloved souvenir shmattes—a white T-shirt from Cowgirl University that's about six years old, and an eight-year-old gold T-shirt from Skagway, Alaska. Both have been worn to death.

I used Deo-Go on one pit of each shirt, first spraying, then washing in OxiClean, then drying, and repeating.

Deo-Go works.

The results are more obvious on white T-shirt than the gold one, and I strongly recommend (as the directions specify) first testing Deo-Go in an inconspicuous spot on the garment. It did appear to very slightly lighten the color of the gold shirt. But considering the general disgusting factor of an eight-year-old pitted-out T-shirt, that’s no big deal.

I plan to start using Deo-Go on favorite T-shirts before they reach the revolting stage and set records for world’s oldest T-shirts still in frequent rotation.

Pretty obvious which side got the Deo-Go.

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