Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Minute Solution Cardio Hip Hip


WHO CAN DO THIS: Fine for beginners who can handle choreography.

THE BREAKDOWN: I realize that hip hop is a music genre and not a race, but I can’t help but note that lanky, blonde Heather Graham is not the person who pops to mind when I hear “hip hop.”

But never mind.

I enjoy the first two of five segments of this DVD, but Heather lost me in the last three. The problem for me throughout is that the steps that change too quickly. A couple more reps of each step thrown into the complete dances, and some better cueing (which foot, please?), would help. And, I realize, so would having more than one person demonstrating—sometimes tricky steps are easier to grasp out if I see them done by different people with different styles and bodies.

I think what we have here is the classic problem of the professional forgetting how hard some stuff can be for the amateur. Slow this down a little and have a little sympathy for the beginner and it would be lots of fun.

That said, I’m sure if were determined, I could grasp the dances eventually. But the harder the choreography is to get a grip on, the less of a workout I get, so I am not terribly patient.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: I worked up a sweat—from dancing and also from frustration.

BUT IS IT FUN? Parts, yes. And it was a lot more fun when I figured out what the “downbeat” she kept mentioning was.

WHEN IT'S OVER: I have to pop in another DVD to get a full workout.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Nothing but rhythm.

FINAL WORD: Could be better. Wish it were. But I'll keep it around for those first 20 minutes.
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