Monday, October 24, 2011

Element Power Yoga

THE WORKOUT: Element: Power Yoga


WHO CAN DO THIS: Intermediate level yogis.

THE BREAKDOWN: One of a fine collection of yoga DVDs (here’s another I like and you'll find others on this site) , this hour long workout is a workout indeed. Poses that other DVDs work up to—crescent pose, for example—are just the beginning here.

Ashley Turner, working out with a view of  the Pacific Ocean (lucky dog), is pleasant and reassuring, telling us in the voiceover that “Inner power is knowing what we need and giving it to ourselves.” In this case, she’s referring to taking a break in child’s pose whenever necessary.

The pace is not frantic but it is brisk, though one-leg down dogs, lots of planks, breath of fire, warrior three, pushups, an interesting balance challenge done crouching on your toes. There’s a long core segment, including situps into boat pose, and just when you think you’re nearing the end (if you’re not a clock watcher), you’re back in down dog, then chair pose, sidearm planks, more pushups. Turner's instructions are clear and helpful and every now and then she reminds you to smile, which is a nice thought. This is a no-kidding workout. No kidding.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: It’s sweaty all right.

BUT IS IT FUN? It’s not not fun. It’s hard work fun.

WHEN IT'S OVER: You’ll feel it all over your body.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Mat and perseverance.

FINAL WORD: This one requires discipline that I hope to find in myself.

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