Friday, July 29, 2011

Crunch Latin Rhythms Fat Blasting Dance

THE WORKOUT: Crunch Latin Rhythms Fat Blasting Dance


WHO CAN DO THIS: Anyone who’s gotta dance and enjoys learning choreography.

THE BREAKDOWN: Jennifer Galardi (and you know I'm a fan of hers) leads three Latin-flavored routines with her usual skill and likeability. Choreography—with interesting footwork, lots of hip action, and upper body flava—is not dauntingly complicated, but does require enough practice to present a pleasant challenge.

Galardi builds the dances at a reasonable pace, her cuing is excellent. Repetition as you learn the steps is part of the workout, and Galardi lets you know what body parts should feel the burn, which is helpful. (And we can all aspire to the pancake-flat abs she shows off in hip rolls.)

The DVD is the usual good-looking Crunch scene: a loft-like room with exposed bricks, lots cute cool chicks (and a guy). They’re fun to watch, too.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: As much as you want to, it’s all about your energy.

BUT IS IT FUN? So much fun. This has been among my two go-to DVDs for the past couple of stressful months. What better way to blow off steam than a little cha-cha-cha? (My other go-to these days is Kristi Yamaguchi.)

WHEN IT'S OVER: I’m sweaty and cheerful.

GEAR AND APPAREL: You’ll need a decent amount of floor space.

FINAL WORD: Love, love, love.

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