Friday, February 3, 2012

Leslie Sansone: Walk Off 10 Pounds

THE WORKOUT:   Leslie Sansone: Walk Off 10 Pounds

REVIEW BY: Kritter
UPFRONT:  There are LOTS of Leslie Sansone DVDs, and I own plenty of 'em. Leslie on her own, with a group, with weights, with stretch bands, without any props at all---a Leslie DVD for nearly every mood or level of fitness.  No matter how long it's been since my best of exercise intentions have fallen by the wayside, Leslie's always there to help me get back on an exercise program, and lately this DVD, from 2010, is the one I start with

WHO CAN DO THIS: If you can walk, Leslie will get you moving. Beginners can keep it low impact and you can choose a one, two, or three mile walk.  You can get a good aerobic workout without feeling inadequate---no fancy steps and combinations to trip you up.

BEFORE YOU START: Particularly as the pace picks up, focus on making sure your heels hit the ground.  You won't notice you're spending too much time on your toes until you pay the next day with very sore calves.

THE BREAKDOWN: This is Leslie as personal trainer, putting you through a 45-minute "multi-muscle" walk. You get a five-minute warmup of Leslie basics---walk in place, side steps, kicks and knee lifts---then the pace picks up and she leads you through a three-mile workout that includes lower body variations like hamstring curls and grapevines plus plenty of arm movements to up the intensity.

There's a cool down toward the end and a short series of calf and hamstring stretches that you'll probably want to supplement with some favorites of you own (she completely ignores your quadriceps).  Should you have energy to burn, there's a five-minute/five hundred step bonus segment.

Through it all Leslie coaches you through a motivational seminar on physical fitness, spiritual fitness, and "smart" food choices. So, yes, Leslie talks constantly.  If it gets on your nerves there's an option to exercise to music only

THE SWEAT FACTOR: I sweat plenty. As my fitness level improves I just put more effort in.

WHEN IT'S OVER: You'll be glad you got into your workout gear and walked the walk

GEAR AND APPAREL: A little floor space and a decent pair of shoes.  She doesn't use any extra gear, but if you wanna throw in some very light hand weights, no one's gonna stop you

BUT IS IT FUN? It's about as "fun" as a cardio workout's gonna get.

FINAL WORD:  Anything that gets me moving is a "smart choice".


Irene said...

I've only discovered Leslie within the last year and I've enjoyed most of her walk outs. I couldn't tolerate her laugh in the ExerciseTV workouts (when they were still around) though.

Thanks for the recommendation - I'll be sure to look for this one.

Melissa said...

I wanted to THANK YOU for the DMN roundup but you must have changed your email address. Please send your new one when you can. You made my day with that!!!