Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jeanette Jenkins Sexy Arms, Abs & Legs

THE WORKOUT: Jeanette Jenkins Sexy Arms, Abs & Legs


WHO CAN DO THIS: This isn’t suitable for beginners. It’s a taxing workout and requires good form and balance.

THE BREAKDOWN: The hour-long workout is sort of broken into eight chapters. You can do segments one at a time, although starts and endings are a little abrupt that way because they’re designed to do together. There’s a little bit of dance, lots and lots and lots of squats and lunges, some weights, some yoga, some pushups, some leg lifts. The resting segments, interspersed with sculpting segments, are an easy little anyone-can dance.

It’s a little bit of a lot of things that add up to a challenging workout.

"Sexy Sculpt Part 1” starts with a full body workout: weights for the arms and shoulders, lunges for the lower body, rotations for the midsection—all at once. Getting through the segment is a goal rather than a given for me. “Sexy Sculpt Part 2” starts with a leg kick/lift/twist move that combines cardio, strength and balance, then moves onto squats, rotations and shoulder presses. Even the yoga segment is unusually challenging. (“Why do you think Madonna’s so hot?” Jenkins asks.) The floor work includes 16 tough pushups (down to a two-count followed by two quick down ups, then reverse the pattern). And I can only dream of completing the abs workout someday.

If you’re experienced enough to do this workout, you also know that the high-speed stretch at the end is inadequate. Turn it off and take a leisurely stretch. You earned it.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: I predict sweat even if you’re in moderately good shape.

BUT IS IT FUN? It’s not fun-fun but it’s challenging without being grim. I like Jeanette Jenkins—she’s fun and giggly and personable. She’s helped out here by a typical crowd of cuties. The music…not so much. I thought the generic rock guitar was irritating, then they pull out the harmonica, which doesn’t improve matters.

WHEN IT'S OVER: You will limp and groan with pride.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Room to move about four steps side to side, mat and light weights

FINAL WORD: I’ll keep this around, along with Jenkins’ circuit-training workout, for days when I need my butt kicked.

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