Monday, June 9, 2008

Jeanette Jenkins: The Hollywood Trainer, 21 Day Total Body Circuit Workout

THE WORKOUT: Jeanette Jenkins: The Hollywood Trainer, 21 Day Total Body Circuit

WHO CAN DO THIS: Minimal coordination is required, although balance is necessary. This DVD is simple but not "easy cheesy." (I got that from Ms. Jenkins. "I don't know where I got that easy cheesy from," she giggles after blurting it during warm-up.) Modifications for beginners are to primarily use lighter weights and do 15 reps instead of 25.

THE BREAKDOWN: Ms. Jenkins, who has trained Queen Latifah, Carmen Electra and Christina Applegate, among others, is bubbly and extremely likable. She laughs, she sings, she says cute things. "Yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with these tens," she says, picking up a pair of 10-pound weights for bicep curls.

The DVD contains two circuit workouts that alternate cardio and strength training, each ending with abs and a quick stretch. Basic, basic, basic stuff, but energetic and effective. The cardio segments are anyone-can moves such as marching in place, knee lifts, step-touch. You'll be able to keep up no matter how many left feet you're burdened with. Strength moves are similarly basic and effective: You've got your squats and lunges, your flies and rows and overhead presses. Easy cheesy. Some of the standing leg exercises are unusual and definitely challenge the balance, which is not a bad thing. Be extra careful on that single-leg reach, though, which requires standing on one leg, bending forward and touching the floor while lifting the free leg.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: Looks easy, feels hard. Unless you're already buff, you will sweat, gasp and probably end up with some sore muscles the first few times. And that's a good thing, right?

THE ENERGY LEVEL: Though there's no jumping or dancing, you'll need plenty of energy to get through 30 minutes of nonstop movement. Consider this: Circuit A starts with 25 push-ups. Get the picture?

BUT IS IT FUN?: That depends on your definition of fun. Ms. Jenkins keeps the mood light and the workout goes by quickly, but it's not like being a dancing diva with Richard Simmons or anything.

WHEN IT'S OVER: You'll feel well worked-out.

GEAR AND APPAREL: 3-, 5, or 10-pound dumbbells, 1- to 5-pound ankle weights, a mat and any old workout wear and shoes

FINAL WORD: This is a keeper and Jenkins is one of my new fave fitness pros.

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