Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hemalayaa Bollywood Booty

THE WORKOUT: Hemalayaa: Bollywood Booty


WHO CAN DO THIS: All you need for this one is lowered inhibitions.

THE BREAKDOWN: I like that Hemalayaa. She’s pretty and sexy, she has a pretty voice, she’s happy, has fun, and her workouts are not too hard.

These four belly-dance-inspired workouts are so short and easy, doing one seems like a waste of time. Do ‘em all. They’re a wiggle-wiggle here, and a wiggle-wiggle there, some squats, some exotic hand movements, some vamping. Essentially the opposite of a boot-camp workout.

These are suppose to target the buns. Lunges and things might do that, but you won't develop buns of steel with this alone; the benefit here is probably aerobic.

The cuing is not great and I could swear I was hearing a different beat from Hemalayaa and her friends—it seems voiceover and music were done separately and things don’t quite match up. S’aright. Banish any Type A tendencies and go with the spirit of the workout. As long as you keep things wiggling, you’ll get your heart rate up.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: I worked up a glow, though I wasn’t panting by the end.

BUT IS IT FUN? Yes, it is. Probably more fun than effective if you’re already fit, but a nice little cardio workout for days when you need fun for a motivator.

WHEN IT'S OVER: Your heart will be happy.

GEAR AND APPAREL: The workout is done barefoot, a carpeted floor is OK, and you don’t need a lot of space. A little something diaphanous is nice, but not necessary.

FINAL WORD: Fun, probably not tough enough to stay in my rotation.

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Mary said...

I just want to say thank you for your blog. You are one of the only places that I can find out if a fitness DVD is going to give me the level I'm looking for. Even though you don't post a lot and I only stop by every month or so, I still really appreciate what you do here. Thanks!

Sophie said...

Thanks Mary. The reason I don't post a lot is not because I'm on the couch eating donuts (though I have had those phases) but because I've found the only way I can keep a fitness program going is by having a several activities I can rotate. I've been in a power-walk-around-the-neighborhood phase. But the past few weeks in Texas have been too hot to walk, so I was able to post a couple of reviews this week.

Thanks for stopping in!