Monday, October 26, 2009

Yoga Emergency--Arms & Shoulders

THE WORKOUT: Yoga Emergency- The 12 Minute Workout with Kristen Eykel- Arms & Shoulders



THE BREAKDOWN: This is one of a series of 12-minute workout DVDs, each focused on a different area. There’s not too much to this DVD--it really is just one 12-minute stretch for the neck, arms, and shoulders. But if you hunch over a computer for hours like I do, it’s just what the yogi ordered.

Kristen Eykel is lean and pretty, she demonstrates the seated workout in front of a fountain while some kind of tubular bells play in the background. The stretches are basic, basic, basic—some head rolls, some twists, some eagle arms. Nothing you can’t do yourself, to be sure, but it’s nice to have someone coaxing you along. You could even keep this at your desk and use your DVD drive to run through it seated, just modifying the twist.

The bonus tracks here are a two-minute tip about reflexology; one about aromatherapy, with a tip for easing a stress headache; and some tips and stretches for easing the physical stress of flying. The five-minute interview with Eykel also is worth a listen, to get a handle on her philosophy.

The meditation segment is nice because once she stops talking, you get just the sound of birds. However, she doesn’t end the relaxation so you’re on your own. After lying quietly for what seemed like a longish time, I opened my eyes and peeked at the TV screen, which displayed directions for returning to the main menu.

Since the workouts are so short, this would be a good series to collect: Back, Full Leg Stretch, and Hips. There’s also Yoga Emergency- The 12 Minute Workout with Kristen Eykel- Pregnancy; Eykel specializes in yoga for pregnancy.



WHEN IT'S OVER: I was a little less tight, but it’s going to take more than one 12-minute session to loosen up these hunched-crunched shoulders.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Nothin’ in particular.

FINAL WORD: Easy and nice and I’ll probably pop it in now and then, during work breaks.

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Kristen Eykel said...

Hey Sophia- I love that you reviewed my discs. And you nailed it! These are for precisely what you mentioned- short, easy stretches that anyone can do anytime, and anywhere. I envision workers across America getting their neck rolls on in the middle of a stressful day. Remembering to breathe for a few minutes to revive instead of popping more caffeine.
I remind all of my students to practice these postures daily so that these postures become friends that one remembers to visit frequently.
Thanks for your review. Be well.
Sat Nam- Kristen

Sophie said...

Glad you are pleased, Kristen. And you have reminded me to put the DVD by my desk so I can pop it in now and then and try to keep my neck flexible.