Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tummy Tone Party Zone

THE WORKOUT: Dance Off the Inches--Tummy Tone Party Zone! ($12.99 from Amazon)


WHO CAN DO THIS: Anyone. Trust me.

THE BREAKDOWN: Hooray for the Dance Off the Inches series, which includes a separate chapter breaking down each of the steps used in the workout. With this, the workout can stay high-energy and skip slow breakdowns, but you still have someplace to turn for step-by-step instruction as necessary. Very smart.

You probably won’t need to consult the instructional chapter for this simple-to-follow 39-minute workout, which includes a funk section that’s only very slightly funky, a Latin section that is marginally more Latin, and a plain old (but pleasant and effective) mat workout.

All the moves in this low-impact workout—hip rolls, torso twists and more--are designed to engage the midsection. However, while you will burn calories, you can do the dances without working the abs terribly hard. You’ll have to concentrate on getting your abs involved to ensure they’re not just going along for the ride and instructor Marie Forleo does provide frequent reminders of this. The moves are fun—much more like dancing than exercising—and there’s lots of room to vamp. If you’re new to exercising, this is a great place to start. Don’t skip the mat work, though, to add a little burn to the endeavor.

Forleo has abs to envy even without an intimidating six-pack, a pleasant manner and her cuing is fine. Music has the requisite beat-beat-beat; it’s not terribly exciting but at least it’s not irritating.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: A smattering of sweat can be accomplished.

THE ENERGY LEVEL: You don’t have to push too hard for this one but you can dance if you want to.

BUT IS IT FUN? With a name like Tummy Tone Party Zone!, how could it not be fun? It’s not a wild party, but it’s a good time.

WHEN IT'S OVER: You’ll feel happy and will probably have energy left to keep the workout going.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Aerobic shoes, enough room to walk four steps in all directions and a mat.

LAST WORD: A keeper for days I want to move but not work too terribly hard.

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