Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crunch Cardio Go-Go

THE WORKOUT: Crunch Cardio Go-Go Dance ($12.99 from Amazon)


WHO CAN DO THIS: This beginner/intermediate workout is low-impact but high energy. If you have two left feet you might end up more frustrated than fit.

THE BREAKDOWN: Crunch is a reliable brand for workout programs and this cardio dance program is solid and fun You wouldn’t want to take anything you learn here to a club but they moves are dancier than the old step-touch reliables. Even the six-and-a-half-minute warm up is fairly zippy and has some shoulder-shaking pizzazz that could leave the uncoordinated behind.

Along with warm-up and cool-down segments, the DVD has five cardio dances, about six minutes each and increasingly fast-paced. Hips, shoulders, core and arms join the dancing, along with feet and glutes. Music is quiet and undistinguished—odd for a dance workout that should compel you to shake your things. However, it does provide enough beat to keep you going.

Unfortunately, in the Latin-flavored third segment, dancers are out of synch with the music so you’ll have to ignore one or the other.

Instructor Gypsy Clark, who has a mass of hair held back with a headband, and a tattoo around her belly-button, is happy and pleasant and cues well enough. The hot-colored outfits on hot girls might give you flashbacks to the 1980s (are those really leg warmers?) if you happen to be that old.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: Much sweating should occur.

THE ENERGY LEVEL: This is a high-energy workout and while you can slow it down if you get winded, few breaks are choreographed in.

BUT IS IT FUN? It is fun and becomes more fun as you master the steps.

WHEN IT'S OVER: You’ll be sweaty and perhaps even pleasantly wobbly, depending on your fitness level and how hard you dance.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Aerobic shoes and space to move, primarily forward and back.

FINAL WORD: It's a keeper, I'll do it again.

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