Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dance Off the Inches: Country Line Dance Party

Dance Off the Inches: Country Line Dance PartyTHE WORKOUT: Dance Off the Inches: Country Line Dance Party


WHO CAN DO THIS: Beginner friendly—not too taxing, not too tricky.

THE BREAKDOWN: Dressed in Daisy Dukes, cowboy shirt tied to reveal her midriff, straw cowboy hat, and braids, instructor Amy Blackburn looks a little like a refugee from a girly mag. She’s also very low key, at one point emitting what has to be history’s most laconic “Yee-haw.”

No matter, this is a fun little workout: three easy 10-minute dances (plus warm-up and cool-down) with kicks and shuffles and sneaker scoots that feel more dancey than exercise-y. If you can’t pick up the steps right away (and I found most of them pretty easy to get), this series includes a step guide that breaks everything down. Blackburn’s cueing is excellent. This works primarily lower body and core, since most moves are done with thumbs hooked in your waistband, country-style.

The music, as always, is a bland approximation of the theme, which is a pity, as always.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: You sweat out what you put in and I’ve managed to work up a sweat.


GEAR AND APPAREL: Daisy Dukes and cowboy hat are optional and yes, it’s done in sneakers, not boots. You’ll need enough uncarpeted floor space to go about four steps in every direction.

FINAL WORD: Fun and different enough from other cardio dance routines to make it a great addition to a fitness DVD library.

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