Monday, April 28, 2008

Prevention Fitness Systems Drop It with Dance

THE WORKOUT: Prevention Fitness Systems Drop It with Dance ($12.99 at Amazon)


WHO CAN DO THIS: The women on the DVD can do it. I’m not convinced anyone else can.

THE BREAKDOWN: I do every DVD I review here all the way through and sometimes that’s a sacrifice. This was one of those times.

I’m not sure which of the three 10-minute dance workouts was most frustrating, the Jazz-Funk, the Hip-Hop (using the term loosely) or the ‘90s Jam. I even got confused during the cool down. Maybe a dancer could pick these steps up but dancers don't need DVD dance workouts.

I enjoy dance workouts and I’m reasonably good at picking up the choreography quickly, but Tabitha D’umo goes too fast, some of the arm movements can be confusing for non-dancers and even the steps I mastered never felt fun—they mostly felt awkward. The view in the mirror confirmed this. The horror, the horror.

On top of that, cuing is not good and the camera doesn’t always show what you need to see to follow the steps. AND the music is a low drone that didn’t even inspire me to freeform dance when I got hopelessly muddled over the steps I was supposed to be doing.

THE SWEAT FACTOR: I worked up a slight sheen but I think it was more frustration than exertion. My heart was barely pumping.

BUT IS IT FUN? No. Or did you already figure that out?

WHEN IT'S OVER: Hurl the disk across the room.

GEAR AND APPAREL: Basic aerobics apparel and a few years of dance training.

FINAL WORD: Anyone want this DVD? I’d much rather do 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix or Dance Workout for Dummies, both of which are five times the fun of this bare-knuckle beating. Now, I'd better go work out...

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